Mission Improvable puts smiles on student's faces before classes begin

Ian Larsen/Sun Star Reporter
September 4, 2012

The Hess Recreation Center was packed to fire safety regulation for Agents Drew and Chris’s comedy show, Mission IMPROVable, on Tuesday, Aug. 28.  The UAF Student Activities Office held the free event in order to give students a chance to laugh and relax before the first day of classes.

“A lot of people when they go to an improv show think they are going to be picked on.  I think we have a different feel to our show, like everyone is kind of doing the show,” Drew said. “The crowd is our co-star, we can’t do it without them.”

Agent Drew works his magic on the crowd with he’s elmo voice and the tale of 101 shoes, while Agent Chris is seen in the background at the Hess Rec Center at UAF during the Mission Improvable Show. Sept 4, 2012. Maleaha Davenport/ Sun Star

According to Agent Chris, Mission IMPROVable is an acting troupe of 50 comedians based in LA, the agents in the troupe use custom routines at each show, making audience interaction different each show.

The agents played out five different skits in the show, their comedy routine consisted of taking texts from students phones, bringing students on stage, having a student make sound effects, a improv stand-up comedy called “101 things” and a nonverbal guessing game known as three things.

In the audience skit, the agents brought two students on stage who improv’d their own lines in audience chosen skits that took place in the Playboy Mansion and Lord Vadar’s 110th surprise birthday party. During the performance Agent Chris moved backand forth between the two student’s scenes on Agent Drew’s command, making the students think quickly on their feet.

For the sound effect skit, both the agents worked at the audience choice of McDonalds with mechanical engineering student Andrew Sharp providing the sound effects. In the skit the two agents ran into a fry machine explosion, and getting the police/health inspector called on their restaurant.

According to Sharp, he kneeled on stage, in order to fight off the nervousness and to focus on making sound effects.

In the last skit, the guessing game, the audience replaced items in a scene with different items. Agent Chris attempted to help Drew guess the audiences three events and items such as water in the shower replaced by acid flavored jelly, the chair in the dentist office actually being Dumbledore, through nonverbal and gibberish communication. Drew was able to guess everything the students came up with

“I like the last game the most, its the easiest to be creative in and I think it always ends the best,” Chris said. “Its also a trust game.”

After the show both Agents stuck around to chat and high-five the students as they exited the Hess Rec, “We’ve came to the university about four times now, hopefully we will be invited back next year,” Chris said.

“I would definitely come to another comedy show,” Sharp said.


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