Moving out and moving on: The end of an era for The Sun Star

Elika Roohi/Sun Star Editor-in-Chief
May 7, 2013

I have this mental image of myself walking out of The Sun Star office in slow motion after the last issue hits newsstands and pumping my first in the air, set to a soundtrack that makes everyone sigh in relief.  OK, so, my life is not “The Breakfast Club,” but once all is said and done, everything is packed up and the keys are turned in, I will definitely be letting out a sigh of relief.

Someone once told me Editor-in-Chief is one of the hardest jobs on campus.  I guess I’m coming at it with a little bit of bias, but I’d believe it.  The late nights of trying and failing to catch all the errors, dealing with all the haters out there who want to see The Sun Star fail, working with a woefully inadequate budget and getting the small staff of reporters and photographers to get their work done wore me out this year.

I’m going into finals week exhausted and a little bit broken down.  But that doesn’t make me special at all.  Like everyone else, I’m just here to learn and that can be a bit painful at times.

We say The Sun Star is here to inform the students.  It is, we are.  But here’s a secret: we’re also here for ourselves.  The thing I love the most about The Sun Star is that it’s this place where anyone who wants to learn how to write articles or take pictures can show up and get some good practice and help.  I tell people you’ll learn more at the paper than you will in any journalism class, but I think that depends on what kind of a student you are.  But you can definitely learn as much here as you can in some of your courses.  And we pay you for it.

I love helping reporters figure out how to put their story together when they’re having trouble, or working with photographers who are struggling to figure out how to take good news photos.  I love seeing how excited new freelancers get about seeing their story or photo on the cover, knowing that they put in the hard work to get to that point.

So, I guess all the toner and tears were worth it in the end.

Next week, we’re packing up and moving out of the office.  The Wood Center office suite is going to turn into a coffee shop, and in turn all the organizations that operate out of these offices are getting shuffled around to other parts of the university.  Student Activities and Outdoor Adventures are going up to one of the houses on Copper Lane.  The Wood Center staff is being moved into some basement offices in the Wood Center.  The Sun Star is moving into the ASUAF Senate Chambers for the time being, with plans for permanent office space still up in the air.

This is the last issue, and also an end of an era for The Sun Star.

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