Musicians Monopolize the Mic

Freshman William Horn plays the guitar during the Open Mic Night that took place in Arctic Java on Oct. 29. – David Spindler / Sun Star

By Mikhail Ronnander

“It looks like we’ve got a monopoly by the musicians tonight,” Event organizer Mitchell Davidson said to the crowd of 70 people gathered for SAO’s Open Mic Night in Arctic Java on Oct.29. The event is normally host to vocal artists of many kinds. According to SAO’s Facebook page, all talents are welcome including comedian, closet poet, and gerbil whisperer, but this week the event was dominated by musicians. SAO’s Davidson is in charge of organizing the events that take place in Arctic Java as well as hosting them.

With a total of 12 acts, only one act wasn’t musical. Emily Ballain ended the night with her joke about Noah’s Ark. The rest of the acts were largely singer guitar combos, as well as one band, Sound Source. Most of  the performers that night had performed at previous Open Mic Nights.

Davidson encouraged people to get up and do their thing saying, “Do you want to be a veteran of Open Mic Night? Well it’s rather simple to do, just get up and perform at the next event and you too could be a veteran of the Open Mic Night.” Davidson’s banter between acts ranged from talk of the ankylosaurus, a dinosaur with many plates of armor and a rather small brain, to jokes about pirates.

Many students came just to do homework with entertainment and coffee. This Open Mic Night was the fifth one held in Arctic Java this semester, with the final Open Mic Night scheduled before Thanksgiving on Nov. 12 at 7:00 p.m.

“You should all come out and perform whatever it is you’re good at in November,” Davidson said to the crowd at the end of the event.


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