My Life in College: The perils of driving

Moral Mildred/Sun Star Columnist
April 9, 2013

This week I need to rant, because I just spend most of my weekend stuck in Anchorage, on what was supposed to be a Girl’s Weekend Out and turned into I Hate The Human Race weekend.

The weather in the Wasilla/Anchorage area this weekend was terrible. Winter is being overly attached and not taking rejection well. As a result, the amount of snow I’ve seen fall from the sky in the past 72 hours is both disheartening and majestic.

However, while it is April and spring really should get its act together, we all live in Alaska. Deep down inside, no one is really that surprised that it is snowing this late in the year. We all just like to “shock” our Facebook friends with pictures of our cars and Facebook status updates mentioning the level of precipitation. However, if we are all being perfectly honest, snow, while annoying in April, is still snow and as an Alaskan, not that extraordinary.

So, I pose the question: Why do people not know how to drive in it?

I was witness to some legitimately idiotic driving this weekend, in which I was not only afraid for my life, but severely annoyed. At one point, I actually witnessed a man drive down the breakdown lane of a highway going around 80 m.p.h. He chose the breakdown lane because he is an idiot, and because the other lanes were full of cars stopped by the authorities due to an accident. So you know where Mr. Break Down Lane ended up? No where at all, because everyone was being forced into a complete stop, regardless of their idiotic driving methods.

One accident of many, might I add. Accidents were so frequent in fact, that an entire stretch of the highway was closed off. Cars had to be redirected into Eagle River, and then back onto the highway at a different exit, at which point there was another accident so everyone had to sit and wait again.

This weekend, I watched people speed, run stop lights, ignore stop signs, change lanes in the middle of intersections, go into reverse with no warning…. you name it, it happened. I just don’t understand. Is there a particular reason why snow in April lends itself as justification for driving like an utter imbecile, or did I just miss the memo?

For anyone going down to the Anchorage area in the next few days, please be careful. The weather has made the roads slippery and snowed-in. I’d worry more about the other people driving, though. If you can call what they are doing with their vehicles driving, that is.

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