My Life in College: Things to look forward to

Moral Mildred/Sun Star Columnist
February 12, 2013

Sometimes I feel like graduation is just around the corner. And then sometimes I feel like I am in one of those dreams where you are walking down a hallway that just keeps getting longer and longer.

But it is already February, and to keep my spirits up, I made a list of things I am looking forward to, after I graduate.

1. I will never have to shower at this university again. Have any of you ever seen Jack Nicholson in the movie As Good As It Gets? That is how I am about showering at the UAF. If I drop something, say a razor or soap on the shower floor, I sort of just stare at it in horror. In my mind, the fallen item might has well have fallen into a black hole, as it is now gone forever and cannot be reused. Likewise, if a part of my body, say my arm, brushes against the shower wall, I suddenly feel like I will never be clean again, and I should just do myself a favor and rip off the offending extremity. Perhaps most importantly, after I graduate, I will never have to wear sandals in the shower ever, ever again.

2. I will be able to use a kitchen to cook my own food. Yes, I do live in Wickersham and, yes, we have kitchens. However, they are perhaps the most disgusting kitchens I have ever had the misfortune of cooking in. Also, cooking in them is sort of like a game. Some burners don’t work, but never the same ones and you might light yourself on fire if you stop paying attention.

3. I can drink water from the tap without wondering if I will turn into a superhero. We all know that the water in Fairbanks is not-so refreshing. At the university however, the sinks are too small to use a water purifier properly, so you have to do some sort of water transfer. This is time consuming and annoying, because when I am thirsty I want my water now, guys. Another solution is to buy bottles of water that then clutter your dorm room and force you to take the trash out a billion times.

4. I’ll have my own bathroom. Again, in Wickersham, we share a toilet/sink between four humans, which is a much nicer set up then the communal free-for-all found in other dorms. However, I believe in staying hydrated, and as a result I have to pee about a million times a day. It is annoying to have to walk down a hallway over and over or constantly wait for your turn or feel like you are being judged concerning the rate of toilet paper consumption.

Anyway, I hope you all are also finding ways to get through the next few months until graduation, and for those of us not graduating, summer break. On a completely unrelated note, I’ve been out cold with the flu this week, which is going around with a vengeance. So stay healthy, consume some vitamins and don’t drink directly from the faucets.

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