Nanook Olympics

Max Mckernan / Sun Star

The UAF Men’s American Hockey team won this year’s “Nanook Olympics,” a competition that took place on April 4. The Nanook Olympics is an annual event where University sports teams compete against each other at different sporting events. Each team that competes picks individuals to participate in different competitions.  So many hockey players participated that it was necessary to split them up into two teams, American and Canadian. This year the competitions included running, Ice hockey with a tennis ball, air rifle shooting, swimming, volleyball, basketball and a dance competition.

In order to make the competition between the teams fair, every team adopted a handicap in their own sport. For example, men’s basketball wore oven mitts and could only shoot from the 3 point line.  The swim team had to wear drag suits, which provide resistance when swimming.  The final event was a dance competition. Each of the different sports teams was required to choreograph and preform their own dance. The swimming team won the dance competiton with a dry-land “synchronized swimming” dance

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