Nanook Volleyball: UAF versus Montana State

Aaron Walling
Sun Star reporter

Chalk up another loss for the Nanooks on Sept. 22.

The team is in a slump. They haven’t won a set since Sept. 6, in a match against St. Edwards. This week the Montana State University-Billings

The Nanooks lost, 0-3 in their game against Montana State University Billings. This brings their total season record to 0-12. Photo by Max Mckernan

The Nanooks lost 0-3 in their game against Montana State University Billings. This brings their total season record to 0-12. Photo by Max McKernan

Yellowjackets took the Nanooks at 0-3 (17-25, 19-25, 19-25), and now the Nanooks continue the season 0-12.

After a strong start, the Nanooks were looking to pull off the upset during the first set, but an aggressive line change by the Yellowjackets and brought out formidable players #12 MB at 6-foot-2-inch Julia Anderson, #13 OH Sr. 6-foot-1-inch Monica Grimsrud, and #4 S Jr. 5-foot-9-inch Kyndall Williams.

All three dominated the net and dealt the damage of many spikes and blocks. The Nanooks lost the upper hand and couldn’t regain the lead as the Yellowjackets went on to trounce them 17-25.

The second set began similarly, the Yellowjackets came out of the gate firing. The Yellowjackets would not let up until Alaska started a comeback to pull within 19-22, but after a well placed timeout by Yellowjackets head coach Lisa Axel got the focus of the team together to close out the game 19-25.

The Nanooks volleyed misdirection from the Ravn of Alaska player of the game, #1 S Jr, 5-foot-7-inch Miranda Grieser. During the set she kept the Yellowjackets defense guessing.

But when the Yellowjackets brought Anderson, Grimsrud, and Williams back onto the court, the Nanooks’ plays fell dead.

The Yellowjackets opened the third set on a 5-0 run, which eventually led to a Nanooks timeout when the game was at 7-14 in favor of the Yellowjackets.

The Nanooks couldn’t compete with their opponents. Nanooks head coach Mallory Larranaga called a timeout with the team down 9-17.

Following the timeout the Nanooks rallied. Led by Grieser’s sets and spikes from #9 OH Fr. 5-foot-11-inch Brooke Mattice. The Nanooks clawed their way back only come up short. The final set ended at 19-25.

Despite some flashes of greatness from the Nanooks, it wasn’t enough to deal with the strong play by the Yellowjackets. With an 0-12 record, 0-4 conference, they will head to Washington to face off against the Central Washington Wildcats who are 9-2, 2-1 conference.

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