Nanooks basketball is hit and miss

By Rebecca Coleman
Sun Star Reporter

Last week was a hard-fought week for Nanook basketball.  On Jan. 27, the women lost to Montana State Billings 81-60, and the men lost to Central Washington 82-70.  On Jan. 29, the women lost to Seattle Pacific 93-39, and the men triumphed over Northwest Nazarene 84-79.  Saturday’s men’s game was another record-setting night for senior Parrish West.

The men started Thursday night’s games against Central Washington.  The Wildcats played tight defense, forcing the Nanooks to fight hard for every basket.  They controlled the game with their quick passes, accurate shots, and aggression at both ends of the court.  The Nanooks figured out how to counter the Wildcat’s defense in the second half, but they couldn’t regain the lead and lost 91-60.

“We kept fighting and got [the lead] down to 10, but we ran out of steam,” said Coach Clemon Johnson.  “It’s like driving a car on empty; we got over the hill but ran out of momentum.”

The women played next, facing Montana State Billings.  Senior Nicole Bozek stated the game off with a layup, giving the Nanooks the only lead they would see for the rest of the night. The Yellow Jackets stung the Nanooks by taking an 81-60 win.

The women opened Saturday’s games against Seattle Pacific.  They kept the game within three points for the first 10 minutes of the game, but eventually, the Falcons dominated the game and flew away with a 93-39 victory.

“If we fight like we did in the second half [of Thursday’s game], we’ll come out victorious,” Johnson said of the men’s team.

Victorious they were.  The Nanooks took on Northwest Nazarene, following the women’s game.  The Nanooks played hard, keeping tight with the Crusaders.  The lead went back and forth throughout the first half, but the Nanooks lead by one at half time.  There wasn’t a moment of the second half that the Nanooks didn’t own the lead.  The Crusaders didn’t give up and were within three points of the Nanooks with seconds left in the game, but the Nanooks prevailed, winning 84-79.

West had 31 points in both Thursday’s and Saturday’s games.  Saturday marked West’s 10th 30-plus point game of the season, setting a new GNAC record.

Next up for the Nanooks, both men and women are on the road.  The women will take on Northwest Nazarene and Central Washington, and the men will battle against Montana State Billings and Seattle Pacific.

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