Nanooks fall short of Nordic Cup

Mandee Jackson/Sun Star Reporter
Nov. 22, 2011

Due to subzero temperatures, the Alaska Nordic Cup Ski competition was moved from Fairbanks to Anchorage on Nov. 19 and 20. The Nanooks tied with the Seawolves in Classic style, both earning 21 points. The final score (counting both Classic and Skate) was Seawolves 45, Nanooks 39.

Saturday, Fairbanks had some winning times with Logan Hanneman- 13:47:00, Erik Soderstrom-13:48:00 and Tyler Kornfield-13:50:00. The times placed them in first, second and third for the day.

A majority of the women’s team was missing at the meet. Heidi O’Connor-Brook, 19-year-old music education sophomore, was one of the three women competing last weekend.

“This was a real challenge for the team with tough courses, but it was also exciting. Everyone did a good job,” O’Connor-Brook said. The women’s scores for both classic and skate skiing were 6-15.

“The men’s team really stood out this weekend,” Coach Scott Jerome said. “Men took the top three spots on Saturday, and won second, third, and fourth on Sunday. We’re certainly very pleased with that,”

Logan Hanneman, 18, is a freshman majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Hanneman took first place in the 19th second place on the 20th and third overall. 

“I felt a little strange not have been able to ski for basically a whole week before because of the cold weather, but the warmer weather in Anchorage was welcoming,” Hanneman said. “I felt good about the races. Our team is incredibly strong.”

There were several skiers who went to the Cross Country National Championship.

“They [UAA] did better than us this weekend and we congratulate them. But we hope to get them back at the Championships.”



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