Nanooks fight hard, fall short in volleyball tournament

Rebecca Coleman

Sun Star Reporter

Friday and Saturday marked the 2010 Nanooks Classic volleyball tournament, featuring the Alaska Nanooks, the Cal State East Bay Pioneers, the Charleston Golden Eagles and the Bellarmine Knights.

The Nanooks won their match up against the Golden Eagles (3-2) on Friday, but lost to the Knights (3-1) and Pioneers (3-1) on Saturday, giving them a third place finish.

During Saturday night’s game against the Pioneers, 348 Nanook fans filled the Patty Center, including avid cheering sections made up of the Alaska men’s hockey and basketball teams.

In game one of the match, the Pioneers started out strong, taking advantage of the lackluster crowd.  They beat the Nanooks 25-21.

In game two, the crowd warmed up and cheered the Nanooks into a solid lead that was maintained throughout the game.  The Nanooks won easily, 25-20.

In game three, the Pioneers regrouped and took an early lead.  They dominated the game; at one point, they were ahead of the Nanooks by 12 points.  The Nanooks rallied back, but their efforts were thwarted and they lost 25-17.

In game four, both the Nanooks and the Pioneers played at full steam.  Points went back and forth evenly, but in the end, the Pioneers fought their way to victory, edging out the Nanooks 25-21.

Among the All-Tournament Team members are graduate student Tereza Bendlova and sophomore Mandy Grierson.


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