National Novel Writing Month challenges writers worldwide

Alisha Drumm/Sun Star Reporter
November 13, 2012

National Novel Writing Month, or Nanowrimo, is a worldwide program that takes place every November. Participants are challenged to write 50,000 words for a novel in just 30 days, which adds up to approximately 1,167 original words a day.

The project was founded in 1999 from “The Office of Letters and Light,” an organization that encourages both children and adults to reach their creative potential. Nanowrimo was founded with only 21 writers participating, but has over 200,000 participants and counting.

“At the beginning of the month we had 23 people in Fairbanks alone come out for the first write in,” said Toni Veazey, a 6-year veteran of the Nanowrimo program.

Participants of Nanowrimo have from midnight November 1 until just before midnight on November 30 to complete their goal of 50,000 original words for a novel. Traditionally, the novels are in the genre of fiction.

“However, there are the Nano rebels as we call them. I have heard of people writing screenplays, memoirs, even history books,” said Travis Veazey 6 year Nanowrimo participant and spouse of Toni Veazey.

Many participants of Nanowrimo have local chapters. There is a Fairbanks chapter where writers get together regularly to try and reach their daily word goal. “It makes writing more of a social event. It is very helpful to bounce ideas off of one another, rather than doing it all on your own,” said Rhonda Beal, who participated in the program this year.

Some members of the Fairbanks chapter are writing novels of fantasy, contemporary fiction, supernatural comedy, and urban fantasy for this years Nanowrimo.

Any individual who completes the goal of 50,000 words in a month is a winner of Nanowrimo. Individuals who reach this goal by the end of November are given discounts such as a free paperback printing of each winner’s novels.

But it’s not the prizes that driver the writers. “It is mainly the self satisfaction of writing so much in such a short time,” Travis Veazey said.

“If you love to write, I say give it a shot,” said Travis Veazy. “Even if you don’t finish, you have the satisfaction of having started on something great.”

Individuals interested in participating in Nanowrimo can become a member at or become a member of the Fairbanks chapter of National Novel Writing Month on their FaceBook group page.

National Novel Writing month will continue to challenge writers worldwide this November, as well as bring them together through their love of writing, as writers race to reach their 50,000 words.








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