Nerds congregate for ArticCon

John Seiler/Sun Star Reporter
April 9, 2013

UAF students participating in Humans vs. Zombies get their bandanas which label them as humans. April 5, 2013. David Spindler/Sun Star

UAF students participating in Humans vs. Zombies get their bandanas which label them as humans. April 5, 2013. David Spindler/Sun Star

Last Friday Residence Life started their week-long event called Arctic-Con. Celebrating nerd culture, Arctic-Con has several events planned until Apr. 18 with an Art Gala.  Other events planned are human vs. zombies, cosplay chess, trivia night and 24-hour tabletop and video game nights.

Starting it off was the Cosplay Ball at the Hess Recreation Center by Ress Life. Short for “Costume Play”,  the dance is when people  dress up as a character from a popular show or game. Resident assistant Mary-Clare Cable, was one of the main organizers for the Cosplay Ball. “I know that cosplay is a really fun opportunity and if you go to any of the convention, you see tons of cosplayers and its really a lot of fun,” Cable said.

Moore Hall resident assistant Jake Long is running the Cosplay Chess taking place Wednesday. Cosplay Chess, is chess but with human players on a gigantic chess board with a player controlling their side of the board. The theme for this year’s Cosplay Chess is “Area 51”. With all the spots for chess pieces filled already, Long said  that students could “show up, enjoy and watch the game.”

On Friday starting at 7 p.m. is a 24-hour video game tournament taking place in the Hess Rec. With both classic and modern consoles, ResLife is planning on tournaments from Halo 4 to Super Mario Kart with the prizes going to the winners. The next night starting at 7 p.m. a 24-hour table top gaming tournament with Warhammer 40K, Pathfinder, Magic the Gathering and more in the Hess Rec.

Not everything is up at Hess Rec, with biggest event of Arctic Con is Human vs. Zombies. Lasting from Apr. 5-12, Humans, with Nerf guns at their side, roam campus looking for zombies while zombies try and infect the humans. Moore Hall Resident assistant Chris Clement, is one of the main people in charge of Humans vs. Zombies.  Inspired from UAS’s Human vs. Zombies, Clement wanted UAF’s own version. At last count Friday night, 200 people signed up to participate in the week-long event and Clement plans on having more Human vs. Zombie events throughout the year.

“I’m going to form Human vs. Zombies club that people can join and help create the game and so we can add more factors to increase the fun factors to the game,” Clement said.

With daily challenges for prizes, Clements thought  it would help keep the game interesting and keeps people involved throughout  the week. Saturday night at Hess Rec will host an apocalypse party that shows off photos and videos that players have taken with prizes handed out to exceptional players.

With events happening everyday, more information on events can be found at UAF ResLife’s Facebook page.


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