New food services advisory board encourages student input

Erin McGroarty/ Sun Star Reporter
February 12, 2013

UAF has recently formed a committee that is working to change the current organization of the university’s food services. A group of university administrators, including one of the deans and Amanda Wall, the director of the business office, have come together to form the Food Service Contract Focus Group.

ASUAF vice president, Dillon Ball, is a part of the group as the student government voice. This group has been meeting  every month since July 2012. Recently, they have started discussing potential changes to the food services provided to students, staff, and faculty around campus.

UAF procures their food services through a three-year contract with the native corporation, Nana. The university’s current food services contract, held with the native corporation, Nana, expires at the end of the fiscal year, in July. Therefore, this spring  semester is the only time frame in which changes can be suggested and made to the contract prior renewing it for another three years.

According to  Ball, discussion meetings regarding how students feel about food services, are currently being organized. Ball and ASUAF Public Relations Director, Fred Brown, will organize the meetings, which would be open to the general public. They encourage input from the entire student body.

“Our aim is to get as much student feedback as we possibly can from these meetings so when I go to the board meeting, I can say ‘This is exactly what students want,” Ball said.

These meetings will follow in the previous steps of the student run ASUAF “Food for Thought” Committee, a committee formed to discuss the state of the food services on campus and how to better improve them. According to Ball, this group does not meet as much as they previously did, but ASUAF is working to revive it as a panel of students helping to advise the student representative on the FSCFC board.

A lot of work will be happening over the next few months prior to July and ASUAF is requesting as much student input as possible sent to Vice President Dillon Ball at

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