New “World Film Night” series premiers at Rasmuson Library

Chris Tucker/ Sun Star Reporter

Feb. 4, 2014

This semester students will have the opportunity to watch different films from around the World thanks to the Friday Wold Film Night hosted by the Rasmuson Library.

M.F.A graduate student Daniel Dyer started Friday World Film Night, with the help of his friends, English student Regan Campbell and Natural Resource Management student Jessica Carter.

Dyer started the series so he could share his love of films, Dyer said. With the help of Campbell,  they selected classic films that he had not seen before and figured that it would be nice to share the experience of watching some of them with others.

Dyer figured that a classic movie night would be well received by the students, with the shortage of extracurricular, art-related events on campus and the growing popularity of the Film Department.

“With a theater audience, excitement, anticipation, love and resentment are contagious, and there’s something about watching in a group which enhances, or at least alters the viewing experience,” Dyer said.

The selection of films includes classic directors such as Stanley Kubrick and Akira Kurosawa, and midnight movie classics like David Lynch’s “Eraserhead.”

The series starts every Friday at 4 p.m. and will show a film from a different country and have a discussion about it afterward.

“The World,” a 2004 Chinese film about two workers at a theme park, plays this Friday.

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