News Briefs – Oct. 26, 2010

By Stephanie Martin
Sun Star Intern

“I’ll Take ‘Price of Fuel’ for 500”

With the Nov. 2 election upcoming, the Arctic Alliance for People held a forum Oct. 19 in which state house and senate candidates answered questions selected by members of the alliance. Fairbanks North Star Borough Administrative Center was the venue for “Candidate Jeopardy.”

In the assembly chambers, citizens filled the seats and heard candidates give an opening statement about themselves and their top three issues.

Then candidates selected questions from five categories: youth, family, community, public safety and disability issues. Each participant had one minute to answer the question.

Energy topped the docket for both candidates and citizens. “I want to know what they are going to do about the high price of fuel,” citizen Rita Leake said.

Arctic Alliance of People “advocates for people and community issues,” President Cheryl Kilgore said.

Behind The Camera

Cheryl Hatch, current UAF journalism department Snedden Chair, gave a public lecture Wednesday, Oct. 20, at the Morris Thompson Cultural Center. As both photographer and reporter, Hatch covered the aftermath of the first Gulf War in Iraq, famine and U.S. intervention in Somalia; and the return to peace in Mozambique and Eritrea.

Titled “The Cost of Conflict,” her photographs of people affected by war and famine were the basis of the lecture. Hatch prepared no notes for the lecture and says she spoke from her heart about each image.

Hatch hopes listeners left with “a sense that one person can make a difference,” she said. “Choosing something you care about or are passionate about, and doing it with integrity, honesty and commitment can make a difference.”

She got behind the camera to educate and inform. Hatch also wanted to give a closer look at other cultures and show our connectedness. “I want people to be moved in some way by the images, maybe ultimately moved to action of some kind,” Hatch said. “That would be the best case scenario.”

A deep appreciation for life rose from her war experience. Recently, Hatch took the time to go outside her office and watch the sun rise. “It’s five minutes, but it’s easy to overlook all the beauty in life,” Hatch said.

Hatch’s experiences led her to found Isis Initiative, a non-profit organization. The new organization helps women from all over the world pursue their dreams of a college education. The program provides women who have the desire but not the means the opportunity to obtain a degree. Hatch considers it “one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

Hatch is keeping a blog of her experiences in Alaska at

Practice Your Elevator Speech

Career services will hold a Natural Resources, Fisheries and Science’s career fair on Oct. 27. The event will be from 10-5 p.m. in the Wood Center.

The event provides students with a chance to talk to employers about possible career paths after graduation. “It’s a chance to network and practice your elevator speech,” Career Experience Coordinator Jackie Debevec said. The elevator speech, she explained, is the chance to make a lasting impression on a possible employer.

Debevec also believes the event helps students practice interview skills and tailor resumes to employers. By speaking with the employers, students find out exactly what the company is looking for.

After the career day, U.S. Fish and Wildlife services will be on campus Nov. 1, 2 and 4 performing student interviews for 2011 summer internships and jobs. Student resumes for the event must be uploaded to UAF CareerConnect and approved by Oct. 28. Interviews should be scheduled in CareerConnect by Oct. 29.

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