News Briefs – Nov. 9, 2010

Compiled by Stephanie Martin
Sun Star Intern

Room to Research

Proposition B passed in the Nov. 2 election, allocating $397.2 million in funds for library, education and research facilities.

“The bond allows the university to move forward with capital projects at much less cost than traditional bonding,” said Kate Ripley, UAF Public Affairs Director.  Ripley believes Proposition B will boost the economy and create jobs. The provision of up-to-date instructional and research facilities for students is most important to Ripley.

The Board of Regents’ must still approve all projects. The passage of proposition B is a “public endorsement and huge vote of confidence for financing,” Ripley said.

The Life Sciences Classroom and Lab Facility Project is the furthest along. It has been on the Board of Regents’ capital request list for each of the last 10 budget cycles. The building is tentatively set to open in 2014.

Proposition B will cover $88 million of the building’s construction cost. UAF will pay an additional $20.6 million with a revenue bond from research contracts, Ripley said.

Going Paperless

Beginning in the fall of 2011, UAF’s class schedule will only be available online.

“The main goal of eliminating the paper schedule is to provide students with the most up-to-date information possible when they are planning their future semester,” said Mike Earnest, Registrar and Director of Admissions. Obtaining information from the web ensures students receive the most accurate information. Reducing the amount of resources used is another reason for the switch.

A reduced number of schedules will be printed for the Spring 2011 semester. This is to help students transition to relying on Course Finder and UAOnline for class offerings. “Many schools, including UAA and UAS, stopped printing any paper schedules years ago and have made the adjustment with no problems,” Earnest said.

Student reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, with more faculty expressing concern than students, Earnest said.

A “registration bulletin” with some of the information from the front of current class schedules will be produced, Earnest said.

SAO Petition

A petition circulated recently in favor of increasing the Fairbanks Concert Board budget by $60,000. ASUAF Senator Lauren Wiley said the money would be used for bringing bigger names to the fall and spring concerts. Wiley believes “students will be willing to pay for bigger names in the long run if we invest in this.” She cited Nappy Roots as an example of this and said, “They planned to sell 500 tickets and ended up having over 1,200 tickets sold.”

Another use for the money would be the creation of an office for the concert board.

The money would come from fees students are already charged. “Over a quarter of a million dollars has been collected from students for years,” Wiley said, “I feel that because ASUAF will collect the fee regardless, we need to make sure we are doing something for the students.”

Cody Rogers, Director of the Student Activities Office, would oversee the use of the funds.

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