News briefs – October 2, 2012

Brix Hahn/Sun Star Reporter
October 2, 2012

Curving your thirst

Grab a glass, but not just any glass. New reports show that drinking beer from a curved glass speeds a drinker up, according to Alcohol Research UK, the financial backer behind the study. Reports also show that people might drink more, not drink faster. Participants in the experiment were given lager in either a straight glass or a curved one, then were instructed to watch a documentary. They were asked to note when their glass was half full. Test subjects who drank from curved glasses finished their drink sooner than those drinking from straight glasses. This suggests that people may believe a curved glass was more full than it actually was, allowing the drinker to believe they were drinking at a slower rate than they were.

-BBC Future

Teen boys murder grandmother

Last week two 13-year-old boys from Wisconsin were charged with stealing a hatchet, killing the great-grandmother of one of the boys and stealing her jewelry and car. Both teens appeared in court on Friday and each was held on a $1 million bond with charges of first-degree intentional homicide. According to prosecutor, Joe DeCecco, the boys went to 78-year-old Barbra Olson’s home on Monday with the intention of killing and stealing from her. The boys went out for pizza after committing the crimes. The defense is attempting to move the case to juvenile court.

-Associated Press

Homecoming queen pranked

Whitney Kropp, a 16-year-old in Michigan, was voted homecoming queen of her high school as a prank. The young teen felt betrayed by her classmates after many of them told her it was a joke. Kropp had been bullied in the past. After word of the prank spread across the community, business owners and parents came together to support Kropp. Kropp is now planning on appearing at her homecoming football game. Several community members are buying her dinner, styling her hair and providing her with a dress and tiara for the dance.

-LA Times


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