News Briefs – April 5, 2011

Amber Sandlin / Sun Star Reporter
April 5, 2011

Libyan foreign minister surprises the UK

Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa unexpectedly landed in Farnborough airport, located west of London, on Wednesday evening, March 30. The UK foreign office said he was “no longer willing” to work for Col. Gaddafi. However, a Libyan spokesman denied that Koussa had left Gaddafi’s power and said he was on a diplomatic mission. Koussa is one of the most senior figures in Gaddafi’s government and his role was to represent the regime internationally – something that he is no longer willing to do. The Foreign Office in London called on other members of the Libyan government to abandon Col. Gaddafi.


Landslides in Thailand, 15 dead

Authorities reported Wednesday, March 30, that at least four people had died in landslides in the Karbi province. After heavy downpours of rain, 15 landslides have occurred. With more than 100 people injured and dozens missing, Southern Thailand was forced to bring in the Thai navy to help evacuate hundreds of tourists who are stranded in some of Thailand’s most famous landmarks. 716,110 people have been affected by floods from nearly a week of heavy rain in eight of the southern provinces. Thailand’s weather bureau said torrential rains were expected for one or two more days over much of southern Thailand. It warned of more flooding and wind-whipped waves making sailing unsafe for small boats.

USA Today

Ohio – next Wisconsin?

Ohio labor unions fought for collective bargaining rights for public workers on Wednesday, March 30, gaining the attention of the Ohio statehouse. The state Legislature passed a bill that had been seen in Wisconsin and sent it to the Ohio governor. Amid shouts and jeers in both chambers, the House passed a measure affecting 350,000 public workers on a 53-44 vote. The Senate followed with a 17-16 vote of approval. Republican Gov. John Kasich will sign the bill by the end of the week. The Ohio legislation will extend union restrictions to police officers and firefighters, unlike the Wisconsin measure.

Huffington Post

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