Nook on the Street, September 29

Lida Zakurdaew / Sun Star

As the week progresses, students will see orange-clad humans and zombies take to the street for the augmented reality game Humans vs. Zombies.

This week we asked students: What are your plans for the impending zombie apocalypse?


“Stay inside and board up my windows. And watch out for miasma.” – Alan Fearns, English


“My plan is to make sure that the game runs smoothly, and that everybody will have an excellent apocalypse.” – Sam Schmidt, Elementary Education


“Run as fast as I can. I’m not gonna hide at all, because I want to be a zombie.” – Edward Greybear, Environmental Chemistry


“I have a giant wrench back home in Nevada, but I left it there. I couldn’t get it past airport security. But it’s still my go-to plan.” – Chianne Espinoza, Wildlife Biology


“I guess, run.” – Camille Heninger


“Hiding?” – Alanna Argudo, Social Work

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