‘Nook on the Street, November 22

This week we asked students:

How do you spend Thanksgiving?

william paneak_00000

“Sitting down and watching football with my dad after dinner.” – William Paneak, Business Administration Student

cassie galasso_00000

Never really celebrated it. I just hang out with my mom and we spend the day playing video games. – Cassie Galasso, natural resource management student

tabitha rogers_00000

“I guess when I went abroad because no one celebrated it. We took our host parents in France to an American program to show them the culture. They thought it was bizarre and they hate it.” – Tabitha Rogers, French and Japanese student

joshua poe_00000

“Being at my grandparents’ house on the ranch” – Joshua Poe, undeclared student

Shane ohms_00000

It’s always the same. We have the same group f friends over. Its real traditional with the family. – Shane Ohms, civil engineering student

janae panamarioff_00000

I’m going to barrow for Thanksgiving to spend it with my mom and family. – Janae Panamarioff, elementary education student

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