‘Nook on the Street Oct. 25

Earlier this month, a female student alleged that she had been raped in on-campus housing, and cited inaction by school administration in her decision to withdraw from classes. This week we asked students, how do you feel about the university’s efforts to address sexual assault on campus?

Maximilian Erickson - Laeticia Scherler.jpg

Laeticia Scherler, Biology, Senior by MNax Erickson/ Sun Star

“I’m not from here so I’m not used to these kind of problems but they should do something because I have a friend who experienced something similar and we have to help students. The guy who was reintroduced, I think he has to be forbidden from here, he doesn’t deserve to come back unless we have proof he didn’t.” -Laeticia Scherler, biology, senior

Maximilian Erickson - Ian Ferguson.jpg

Ian Ferguson, Computer Science , Sophomore by Max Erickson/ Sun Star

“I very much agree with the concept, I really do believe rape victims should be helped and if they say something happened to them they should be treated seriously. I am concerned with witch hunts, I know the University does their own investigations alongside criminal investigations but they don’t have the same standard of proof. I’m really glad everyone is supporting her but I’m worried about some things that could arise from that, I want the fairest system possible”-Ian Ferguson, computer science, sophomore

Maximilian Erickson - Garrett Monroe.jpg

Garrett Monroe, English Major, Sophomore by Max Erickson/ Sun Star

“I think that a lot of what they were saying last year was a step in the right direction, stating the problem and raising awareness but Its kind of obvious this year that there’s a lot more they could be doing. It’s disappointing when not enough is being done about something this important.”– Garrett Monroe, English, sophomore

Maximilian Erickson - Emma Holmes.jpg

Emma Holmes, Anthropology, Freshman by Mak Erickson/ Sun Star

“I feel like they’re trying with the posters but I don’t think that’s enough. We had the safe haven but I know a lot of people went through it as fast as possible because it was boring and I think they could improve on that. Maybe not letting that person back in the dorms, just things like that, they definitely could be a little smarter about it.” -Emma Holmes, anthropology, freshman

Maximilian Erickson - Joanna Parrish.jpg

Joanna Parrish, English Major, Junior by Max Erickson/ Sun Star

“I would love to know what sort of investigation that they did on him to let him back on campus, it definitely sounds like they aren’t doing enough. I want to know why they think what they’ve done is good enough, but I want to know how can they think letting him back in dorms is fine. Absolutely the girl should have been protected and I think its horrible they didn’t do that, especially if they were shrugging her off.”-Joanna Parrish, English, junior

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  1. db cooper says:

    How many people are there on campus that have been sanctioned for title IX violations that are still allowed to be on campus?

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