‘Nook on the Street, October 11

Lida Zakurdaew / Sun Star

This week we asked students: Do you follow UAF athletics? What do you think of our Nanooks?


“Not Really. They’re good, I guess. I very rarely follow them.

– Michael Hooper, Environmental Chemistry Student

Evan“Somewhat. I have better things to do.”

– Evan Connelly, Mechanical Engineering Student

Megan“I have not been to one sports game on campus, and I’ve paid $120 each semester. So that’s like almost $500. Also, they should drug test all the people who play sports.”

– Megan McHugh, Biology Student

Andiri“Not really. Zero thoughts. I don’t follow that at all.”

– Andrii Garan, Mining Engineering Student

Sage “I honestly don’t have a lot of experience with the Nanooks in general. The few groups that I’m kind of aware of are the swim team. But that was mostly because I’ve lived in Lathrop before, so I was friends with most of them. Very dedicated, very ambitious and very very good athletes. The amount of work and time they put in was extremely impressive. But other than that, I really don’t pay attention. I have zero time, ever.”

– Sage Tixier, Electrical Engineering Student

Marissa“Yes, I do. I think they’re awesome.”

– Marissa Lizarraga, Criminal Justice Student

Allie“No. I’m not a hockey fan, so I haven’t seen anything. But I’ll probably go watch basketball. I’m all about supporting the school, but I came from a football school. Not having football is weird.”

– Allie Gabalski, Environmental Science Student

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