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Jeremia Schrock / Sun Star Reporter
April 19, 2011

Every term, UAF presents various students, staff and faculty with “of the Year” awards in honor of their service to the university. The student senate gives out annual awards for best staff and faculty member, while the Wood Center hands out employee of the month awards. UAF as a whole grants such diverse prizes as the Marion Frances Boswell Memorial Award for Outstanding Graduating Senior Woman and the Alumni Achievement Award for Business and Professional Excellence. We are a campus that loves awarding excellence and it is in that same spirit that I present to my readers the 2011 Nookraker Awards for Awesome.

Best Actor: Hadassah Nelson is the best actor UAF has at present. I use the word actor because “actress” implies something less than a “real” actor. The list of shows Nelson has acted in is extensive, with her best role (yet) being as Valentina in “The Bay at Nice.” Also, be sure to check her out as the Queen of Sicilia in Stephan Golux’s “The Winter’s Tale,” which debuts this Friday, April 22!

Best ASUAF Senator: Robert Kinnard III has worked tirelessly during his time on the senate. He is always available for discussion (whether in person or over email), spoke on behalf of student concerns in Juneau, has put forward numerous senate bills (including one which provides students with free ID cards) and is now chairing the Elections Board. He’s worked his ass off and deserves recognition.

Best Drink at the Pub: Moose’s Tooth Raspberry Wheat. It’s a raspberry-based beer and it’s only ever on tap. I really can’t say more then that.

Best Wood Center Employee: Julene Loudermilk, the administrative assistant who is always fun to be around and who is a great conversationalist. She is helpful and will always let you in to your office when you forget your keys.

Best Technology Guru(s): It’s a two-way tie between Robert Hale in OIT and Jeremy Smith at the Sun Star. According to an incredibly confidential source, Hale is helpful, understanding and always shows concern for the students that work in his department.

Smith is the man behind the Sun Star’s website. He is largely to thank for making the site as award-winning as it is. He updates it, organizes it and makes sure every photo we run looks snappy. Without Smith, the website would not be nearly as amazing as it is. He, in all honesty, deserves his own category.

Best Graffiti Art (That Makes a Statement): The pimp-hat wearing Nanook spray painted outside of the Wood Center that says “Pay Yo Fees Bitches.” Funny AND factual.

Best Graffiti Art (Just Because): The face of Elton John that was plastered around Gruening last summer. As classy as the man himself. So, really classy.

Best Place to Take a Nap on Campus: 6th Floor in the Rasmuson Library. Those chairs are comfy, am I right?

Best Coffee: The St. Nickerdoodle that the Polar Perk makes almost every morning. It’s made by the North Pole Coffee Roasters Company and is just delicious.

Best Librarian: Paul Adasiak of the Rasmuson Library is ridiculously helpful. Not only is he helpful and happy, but he has this great idea for setting up library help desks all around campus. Seriously.

Best Intramural Sport: Women’s Rugby. Why? Not only is rugby one challenging (and wicked cool) sport, but because we’re at a college campus in Alaska that has a women’s rugby team. Oh, and because if we ever played a UAF vs. UAA game of Red Rover they would TOTALLY be on my side.

Best Sport on Campus to Play with a Broom and Cape: Quidditch. Speaking of which, check out my article next week on Spring Fest’s newest (and most phantasmagorical) idea yet! You get to run around with a cape on your back and broom between your legs. You know you want to (read my article, that is).

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  1. Kortnie says:

    DEFINITELY agree with the 6th floor of the library. I spent many hours there, some studying at tables, some “trying” to study…. in a comfy chair….

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