One of our own: Friends set up fundraiser for student injured in car accident

Julie Rowland/ Special to The Sun Star
April 17, 2012

UAF students are gathering to fund-raise for the international exchange student who was injured in the recent car accident. Photo provided by Julia Rowland.

During spring break, a week usually filled with fun times and vacations, international student Uyanga “Angie” Mendbayer was in a car crash with several other students.  While most of the group had minimal injuries, Uyanga’s injuries were more severe.  She was flown to Anchorage and was in an induced coma for several days and in critical care for over a week.  Among her injuries, she has a skull fracture and broken bones in her face.

Uyanga is from Mongolia studying geological engineering with a minor in math.  She’s a junior who came to UAF right after graduating from high school in Mongolia.  During high school, Uyanga won awards during math competitions.  She came to here through a sister city agreement with her home town of Erdenet.  She also received a scholarship to UAF.

This past year, she worked as a paper grader and in the math lab as a tutor.  She speaks three languages: Mongolian, Turkish and English.  In her spare time, Uyanga enjoys singing karaoke, swimming and dancing.

This summer, Uyanga’s plans included working as an intern at Fort Knox.  She had an interview the day before her accident.

Now, Uyanga is recovering.  She is no longer in a coma and is out of critical care.  The recovery process, however, will be long and costly.  She is still in the hospital and will remain there for a while longer, exactly how long is uncertain.  Uyanga will need surgery on her face to repair the damage.

Uyanga has many friends on campus and her friends have rallied around her in this time of need.  A fundraiser is being organized to raise money for Uyanga’s medical bills.  International students from India are cooking genuine Indian cuisine for the fundraiser which will be held on April 20, from 12 – 3 p.m. on the main level of the Wood Center.  A $10 donation is requested for the food.  There is also a bank account set up for donations toward Uyanga’s bills.

Uyanga’s friends would like to invite anyone who would like to come to attend the fundraiser.  It’s a chance to support a wonderful young woman and enjoy some amazing Indian food.

For more information about the fundraiser, contact Debbie Paine at 907-388-9566.  For more information about donating, like “Help Uyanga’s Recovery” on Facebook or e-mail

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