Open Mic showcases students talents

Ian Larsen/ Sun Star Reporter

Jan. 28, 2014

Kirkgallardo_openmiccolor2_articleStudents gathered to laugh, cheer and support those brave enough to pour their creative talent on stage at last Wednesday’s Open Mic night in the Hess Recreation Center.

Open Mic is organized by the Student Activities Officer in order to give the UAF community a creative outlet on campus.

The event started at seven p.m. and lasted nearly three hours. Roughly 80 people attended, and 15 different acts were performed throughout the night.

Open mic acts ranged from slam poetry about family and lovers, to singing, to stand up comedy. The event allowed students to have a creative outlet that everyone could enjoy.

“I enjoy the collective view of our students and what they have to perform,” said Teal Rogers, the SAO’s Student Activites Assistant “I have seen students go up on stage and play the kazoo and some that are so shy they turn around on stage to perform. It gives you an idea of what UAF is; we are not all the same person here.”

Callen Christensen was one of the students at open mic night who performed his original work on stage for the audience. Christensen has played bass and guitar since high school and has performed at several shows in Fairbanks. The audience showed their support for Christensen during his songs, “Bahama Rama!” and “Paris” by clapping along to the beat.

“I like sharing my own work, it’s great to be able to show people songs I put so much effort into,” Christensen said. “It’s awesome how open everybody is here.  Everyone is super friendly and supportive even if you mess up.”

Due to the event’s popularity, SAO will be hosting the event once a month, with the next open mic coming in February.

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