Outstanding female grad says success 'wasn't one-woman show'

Amelia Cooper-Davis/Sun Star Reporter
May 1, 2012

UAF Student and athlete, Jordyn Montgomery, is this 2012's Outstanding Female Graduate. Photo provided by UAF Athletics website.

Outstanding Graduating Senior Woman, or the Marion Frances Boswell Memorial Award, is one of the highest honors awarded to graduating seniors each spring. Jordyn Montgomery is the 2012 outstanding graduate.

Montgomery transferred to UAF in her sophomore year, in fall 2009. In her three years at UAF, she finished a bachelor’s of psychology with a sports management minor, helped found the organization Students Offering Leadership Development (SOLD), captained the volleyball team, and maintained a 4.0 GPA.

Montgomery was born and raised in Topeka, Kan. She attended Rockhurst University in Kansas City for a year before she came to UAF, where her fiance (boyfriend at the time) received a full-ride hockey scholarship.

When she made the decision to transfer, she wasn’t immediately sure how to integrate herself.

“I was pretty homesick,” she said. But, after getting involved in extracurricular activities, she said “UAF became a home away from home.”

Montgomery played three sports in high school: basketball, softball and volleyball. In college, she narrowed her athletic participation to volleyball.

“I wasn’t as intense as the others,” she said, though she has played volleyball since sixth grade.

Montgomery founded and is now the president of SOLD. “SOLD is a student organization focused on community outreach and leadership development,” according to the UAF School of Management website.

SOLD, Montgomery said, has four main points: networking, workshops, fundraising and personal development. Most importantly, it gives students the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom, Montgomery said.

“My favorite part is seeing how much it’s grown and touched the community,” Montgomery said. She looks forward to coming back and seeing how SOLD has grown 10 years from now, she said. She will miss the teamwork and camaraderie she experienced as a part of SOLD.

Keeping straight As wasn’t easy, Montgomery said, but it is a part of her personality.

“I’m a perfectionist,” Montgomery said. “It was long hours, long nights.”

Montgomery put in the extra work to do well, often sacrificing other aspects of college life. By the end, she said, she was able to manage her time so that she could socialize more than one night a week.

After college, Montgomery said her “doors are open.” Her fiance is planning to play professional hockey, and they work together to find a common direction for their future. Currently, Montgomery is writing a research paper that she plans to publish in a journal.

“This wasn’t a one-woman show,” Montgomery said. Teammates, coaches, professors, community members, her adviser and her family have all supported her. She is often comforted knowing that her family was only a phone call away. “I can’t thank them enough,” she said.

Montgomery’s best advice for students is to “get involved in anything and everything you have a passion for. Make a mark at UAF.”

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