Photography showcases Summer Session student trips

by Anessia Hubler

Sun Star

Photos from two different expeditions into the wildlife of Alaska lined the hall of the second floor of the Eielson building for a First Friday event on Nov. 7. The students  chose two of their favorite photos from the trip. Students had the option to take one of two different photography trips over the spring/summer, to adventure out into the wilderness of Alaska and take photos. The trips, which was taught and hosted by Richard Murphy, former UAF Snedden chair, counted as a three credit class.

Guests were invited to come view students photographs during the Field Photography Showcase on Friday evening. – Jake Rector / Sun Star

The Denali trip was the less difficult of the two trips into the wilderness of Alaska. “We camped in tents and sometimes had a way to get to electricity,” said Murphy. While the other trip to the Gates of the Arctic was much harder “We spent a lot of time in canoes, which we had to carry when going across land” said Marvin Falk, UAF professor of Emeritus,  who took the class this past spring.

“These classes are a great way for students to get out and learn how to use a cameras the right way, and see Alaska for the great beauty it is.” said Michelle Bartlett, director of summer sessions and lifelong learning.

On the trip the students got to take pictures of everything from plant life to wildlife. “One time we came along a lake and a bear crawled out of it and started rubbing its back against a tree like the bear Baloo from the Jungle book.” said Communications Specialist for Summer Sessions and Lifelong Learning Charu Uppal, who also took the class. “Over the course of their trip there was up to 26 bears seen, if not more,” Uppal said.

During the trips there were some students that gained the term as click happy, meaning they would not stop taking photos which ran down their battery of their cameras. “We had one student that was extremely click happy and killed her camera on the first day. Lucky for her we ended up stopping somewhere with elected but that girl would take a photos till her camera died then charged it and go back to taking pictures in a never ending circle.” said  Uppal.

Sometimes the trips became a bit scary but all the students made it through and had a great time “ The trip really keep you on your toes. Like the time we had to fly in these ancient bush plans, but I have to say the plights are good at their jobs,” said Falk.

These classes allowed student to work with their cameras in different settings than they normally would, “students were able to take pictures of still water and water falls, which very greatly in the way you would take a picture.” said Murphy.

It also helped students learn new thing about their cameras as well. “Before the trip I always left my camera on its basic settings, but during the tip I learned how to use different setting on my camera and it made a big difference in how my pictures turned out. “ said junior Bachelor in Biology and Find Arts Lindsey Klueber.

If student are interested in going on one of these trip this spring/summer you can sign up for them at Also all the Pictures at the show are for sale, and if people are interested in buying them you can contact Communications Specialist for Summer Sessions and Lifelong Learning Charu Uppal at and she will put you in touch with the student that took the photo.

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