Sun Star Picks, Oct. 20 – 26

Tuesday, October 20

As I was perusing the interwebs, searching dutifully for an event refined and tasteful enough for the discerning pallet of the Sun Star reader, I discovered that the Interior Chapter of the Alaska Writers Guild is hosting a community writing event called “Fairbanks’ Longest Short Story,” in the Bear Gallery at Pioneer Park (or, if you’ve lived her for more than three years, Alaskaland — I looked it up, and holy my, it’s been Pioneer Park since 2002!!  I’M SO MUCH OLDER THAN I THOUGHT) at 7 p.m.  There will be refreshments at this event, which was designed to bring writers together within the Fairbanks community.  However, if you’re the sort of person who would write a Yak like the one below *gestures lazily at the first Yak in the segment* you might consider stopping by the office and offering up your services to show us some real, work-intensive journalism!  Students are always welcome! Danny Fisher / Editor-in-Chief

Wednesday, October 21

Come one, come all (if you’re twenty-one or older)! Movie buffs, skiers, everyone! The French film trilogy “Apocalypse Snow” will be shown in its entirety at the Pub this Wednesday at 7 p.m. There will be no admission fee or cover charge for this special event. “Apocalypse Snow” depicts the history of a 1983 extra-terrestrial invasion, as we see alien mono-skiers chase the snowboarding hero across snowy terrain to get “the secret of glide.” Jam-packed with stunts, there is no excuse to miss this one. Lida Zakurdaew / Distribution Manager

Thursday, October 22

Come out to the pub at 4:25 p.m. to watch Thursday Night Football between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers play at Levi Stadium. Both teams are locked in a tight NFC West. Even if you don’t care for bandwagon fans for either side, still come out and enjoy the atmosphere that there is when watching football with a group of people while drinking a pint. Aaron Walling / Ad Manager

Friday, October 23

Major Mania is running from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Wood Center’s Multi-Level Lounge. Are you still a “general studies” major? Perhaps you signed up for a major, only to realize that it’s not a good fit? Then Major Mania is the event for you! Many campus schools will have booths set up so you can find that special subject that really gets your motor running. Also, I’ll be at the Journalism booth, so come say “hi” if you feel like it.

In less future-focused, more entertaining options, Shagg is playing at 9 p.m. at The Pub. I’m jamming to a recording of these funkadelic maniacs on YouTube right now and dang, they have a great sound. If you, like me, are a sucker for a quality funk sound with a solid brass section, then this is probably the best option you’re going to encounter up here in middle-of-nowhere Alaska! $2 for students, $4 general cover. Also, they have beer there, so this seems like a winner all around. Spencer Tordoff / Web Editor

Saturday, October 24

Do you like being scared? The Fairbanks Asylum Haunted House is open 6 p.m. to midnight Saturday night! From personal experience, I would recommend that you go in a group. That way you don’t look as dumb when you scream and run through everything. Just make sure you’re not in the back or front of your group, and you’ll be fine. Zayn Roohi / Photo Editor

Sunday, October 25

Check out Pioneer Park at 4 p.m. on Sunday for Concert for the Animals.  Admission is free, but donations will go to local animal rescue organizations.  If you, like me, get along better with animals and inanimate objects than you do with people, this might be exactly the event for you.  Despite the fact that beautiful, fluffy creatures cause my immune system to go into overdrive in it’s constant quest to protect me from the world, I would still rather spend my Sunday supporting them than I would, say, sleep.  Which I wouldn’t be doing anyways because I’ll be in a staff meeting.  Hey, I love puppies, but I love money more.  Go support the puppies for me while I try to support my weight under the constant threat of student debt. Kyrie Long / Copy Editor

Monday, October 26

October 26th is national pumpkin day! Go pick up some stuff to make a tasty tasty pumpkin pie or some s***. And don’t you DARE forget the whipped cream. Or even just forget the pumpkin pie entirely, just straight up eat a can of whipped cream. You’re an adult now so go hogwild. After all, it’s pumpkin day. Molly Putman / Layout Editor

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