Pita Place drops out of college

The Pita Place, previously located on UAF campus, will not be coming back to school this year.

Some people assume the new food service contractor Chartwells was the reason the Pita Place left campus, but they left on their own terms, according to contacted Pamm Zierfuss-Hubbard, Dining Services director.

“Chartwells didn’t kick them out, and we didn’t kick them out either because we like having them here, but they decided not to return,” Zierfuss-Hubbard said.

In late May of this year, the Pita Place informed Zierfuss-Hubbard by email that the arrangement was not a profitable experience and they would not be returning to campus.

Currently there is no one to take the empty spot on West Ridge, that the Pita Place occupied.

“I think the last quote for us for West Ridge Café, to renovate that space, was about $250,000,” Zierfuss-Hubbard said. “it’s going to cost way too much to renovate that space, to make it where you can actually use the grill.”

For Pita Place fans, the owners of the business still have a Falafel stand open Tuesday through Saturday on 3300 College Rd.

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