Plug-in parking limited

by Heather Penn

Sun Star Reporter

More parking passes were sold this year than plug ins are available. Photo by Ella Quimby

With 4,432 parking passes sold, UAF only has 3,968 plug-in spots available. Clarifying that this doesn’t necessarily mean that students won’t have a spot to park and warm up their vehicles, Director of the Business Office Amanda Wall said, “With classes ranging all day up through the night, it is unlikely that everyone who bought a pass will be here at the same time.”

Employees also work day and night shifts, so there is a constant flux of cars coming and going.

The problem, however, lies less with the numbers and more with the location, as there are only 4,878 total parking spaces, with few of those spaces being in ideal range of inner campus. The lower parking lot across from the SRC tends to be the first to fill up, likely due to it’s close proximity to many students classes. A little known fact however is that ample parking is also available at the Museum at Westridge, with even a shuttle to bring you down to the core.

Another parking question raised is that one quarter buys you a half hour at some meters, but 20 minutes at others; this is due to a plug-in being available at the 20 minute spaces and not available at the 30.

The reason for charging more for a plug-in spot is actually quite simple, “It costs $64 to plug your car in for 4 hours, we need to help offset that cost,” Wall explain, “Money collected from parking meters is used for parking related services like decals, kiosks, snow removal and the parking services one employee are all covered by meter collections.”

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