Police Blotter: February 8 – 12, 2011

This report is based on the information published by the University Police Department. Individuals arrested and/or charged with crimes in this report are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Compiled by Amber Sandlin
Feb. 22, 2011

Telsa coil

On Thursday, Feb. 10, a Wood Center employee noticed a “creepy” flyer posted on one of the notice poles. The flyer was searching for a Tesla coil to create an X-ray machine in order to “spy on unsuspecting women” with a $2.50 reward. The flyer was removed and the listed number was contacted by university administration.

Pit stop

In the early morning of Saturday, Feb. 12, Alaska state troopers passed by the Campus Corner Tesoro and witnessed a vehicle doing donuts in the parking lot. Although the driver was determined not to be driving under the influence, UAF police officers and the troopers discouraged the driver from continuing this activity.

Stuck in the ditch

While on patrol an officer noticed a car stuck in the ditch. When the officer got out to check on the people in the car, the driver smelled of alcohol and admitted to drinking and driving. The 23-year-old woman was arrested and taken to Fairbanks Correctional Center where she was charged with Driving Under the Influence.

IARC computer theft

On Tuesday, Feb. 8, suspicious activity was reported at the IARC building on West Ridge. Upon investigation, UAF police found multiple computers and related items had been stolen. The suspects have been identified and the investigation is ongoing.

Mosh pit?

A physical fight broke out between two people in front of MBS, during the Valentines dance, Feb. 12. As multiple people stepped in to try and break up the fight, police were called and no one was severely hurt. Although no charges were made, both brawlers were banned from all university property.

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  1. Leshaun Haberny says:

    This comment is in regards to the Tesla coil report. This individuals actions are deplorable. As if it isn’t bad enough to harass women in a sneaky and confidential fashion, this yahoo had to post fliers glorifying his own deviant, creepy actions. These are the kind of individuals we see masturbating in cars in public and posting wanted adds on craigs list asking for vials of female urine. Finally, whats clearly the worst part about it is he is ruining the timeless, omniscient name of Nicola Tesla. I hope this individual gets whats coming to him… a main feature on the television program to catch a predator.

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