Police Blotter: Sept 19th – Sept 29th

Agency Assist

9/20/2016 4:15 a.m. – Alaska State Troopers requested assistance from police with a suspicious vehicle. Officer responded and made contact.

9/22/2016 12:16 p.m. – Fairbanks Police Department responded to a report that an individual was spreading paint on the floor and door frame of the CTC building on Barnette

Criminal Trespass

9/24/2016 8:44 p.m. – An officer was on scene as the Dean of Students was having difficulty with a student trespasser in the area of the bonfires.

9/24/2016 11:18 p.m. – Two individuals were trespassed from the property as they were heading back to the Starvation Gulch bonfires.

9/25/2016 12:25 a.m. – A fight broke out in the Nenana parking lot during the bonfires. All individuals involved were advised to leave the area, and were given warnings. One of the individuals, 21-year-old Tyler J. Overturf of North Pole later returned. He was promptly arrested and sent to Fairbanks Correctional Center, and was charged with criminal trespass.

Disorderly Conduct

9/25/2016 12:05 a.m. – A mutual fight among 4 participants broke out in the area of the bonfires. The fight was broken up by UAF police officers, and the participants were given a twenty-four hour trespass from the area.


9/22/2016 1:12 a.m. – An officer stopped a vehicle for moving violations. The driver, 19-year-old Vincent W. Lawton of Fairbanks, was found to be driving under the influence. Lawton was arrested and transported to Fairbanks Correctional Center and charged with a DUI.


9/26/2016 9:31 a.m. – A threatening voicemail was left on the University President’s office phone. An officer responded and transferred the voicemail for an FBI follow-up. Suspect known to have prior history with the FBI.

Suspicious Circumstances

9/22/2016 5:22 a.m. – A custodial worker reported that someone may be in the building before open hours. Officer responded and extra foot patrols were performed.


9/24/2016 5:47 p.m. – A green bicycle was reported stolen from the bike rack outside of the Duckering building. The bike was locked and the investigation is still ongoing.

9/28/2016 11:15 a.m. – A backpack was reported missing from the Museum of the North coat room. Investigation determined the complainant had the tote when leaving the museum, and the complainant is now looking at off-campus locations they visited afterwards.

Welfare Check

9/25/2016 3:55 p.m. – A request was made to check on a student in Lathrop Hall. Officer made contact with the student.

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