Police Blotter: April 14 – 21, 2014

This report is based on the information published by the University Police Department. Individuals arrested and/or charged with crimes in this report are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Nolin Ainsworth/ Sun Star Reporter

April 29, 2014


April 14 – Stolen debit card

A 33-year-old Fairbanks man was charged with second and third degree theft after trying to get cash back on a friend’s debit card.

Tesoro gas station employees contacted police after encountering an intoxicated man. Police were going to take him to the Fairbanks Correctional Center to sleep it off, but then an officer found a debit card on the man that was issued to a different person.

A friend lent the card to him the previous night to buy alcohol. The next morning, the man took his debit card again, this time without permission. He was taken to the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital first and then Fairbanks Correctional Center.  A person accrues a charge for every time they make a purchase on a stolen debit or credit card.

April 14- DUI

A man in his early twenties was cited for a DUI after  exceeding the 40 mph speed limit on Geist Road. A police officer pulled over the man,  later found to be on probation, near the Holiday gas station, after traveling 27 mph over the speed limit. When he was transported to the campus police station, he blew a 0.110.  The legal BAC for Alaska drivers is 0.08.  In addition to the DUI and speeding citation, he was also booked at the FCC for violating his probation and driving with a revoked license.

April 16- Ex-boyfriend mischief

A woman took her truck into a repair shop after it was not running properly. The mechanics found a white sludge inside her gas tank and concluded its gas tank was the source of the vehicle’s issues. It soon became apparent someone had put gravel in the gas tank.  The woman shared with police that she believed her ex-boyfriend had done it.

Police reviewed surveillance of the MBS parking lot and identified the woman’s ex-boyfriend making a trip to and from the direction of her truck one night.

Police questioned the ex-boyfriend who responded he was black-out drunk and did not remember if he had committed the act. The next day the man paid for the damages to the truck, $540.  Criminal mischief charges were referred to the district attorney.

April 16- Edward

A Fairbanks couple strung a sequence of lies together in an attempt to evade the legal system when a campus police stopped them on Thomson Road.

The officer pulled over a 36 and 35-year-old couple after they blinded the officer with their brights. The man told the officer he was not carrying his ID. The passenger told the officer she only knew the driver as Edward.

The truth came out when they were booked at the Fairbanks Correctional Center. The driver had past burglary and felony charges to his name. They were both charged with filing a false report.  The man was also charged for violating his conditions of release.

April 19- Wild woman

Police responded to a situation around 3:30 a.m. on Yukon Drive involving a suicidal 20-year-old female. She had been consuming alcohol at the time of the incident. Police investigated and concluded that she was not a threat to herself, but that she still would be cited with underage drinking. 

Police went back to the station to retrieve some things and when they returned, the woman was inside the Moore-Bartlett-Skarland complex aggressively confronting another female.  The officer stepped in to detain her and stop the situation from escalating.  She was then charged with assault in the fourth degree.  The woman is banned from all UAF residences except her own.

April 19- Bike burglar

A vigilant individual in the Harwood Apartments, a three story apartment complex on the corner of Tanana Loop and Kuskokwim Way, phoned police after spotting a suspicious male outside.  A man in a black hooded sweatshirt was roaming through the parking lot looking for cars to break into under the dark of night.

Every time a car passed by, the hooded rogue would duck behind a car.

The police made contact with him and found him to be with a bike. The man was not taken into custody, but the cycle was.  The man and his unlawful acts are banned from university for 2 years.

April 20- Are you in good hands?

This person was not.

Police stopped a man for having inoperative brake and head lights a little over a mile west of campus on Sheep Creek Extension. When the officer asked for his insurance the driver responded he could not afford it. His vehicle was impounded.

Give him 2 points for honesty, 0 for being a danger other drivers.

April 20- Revoked License

Police summoned a 24-year-old Fairbanks woman back into court for driving with a revoked license.

A short time after 2 a.m. an officer was driving southbound on University Ave. near Fred Meyers when the woman caught his attention. She was driving her Dodge in an errant fashion.

Upon getting pulled over by the officer, she was unable to provide a valid driver’s license.  A licensed person known to the woman drove the vehicle away from the scene.

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