UAF student held at FCC under rape charge

Heather Penn

Sun Star Reporter

A reported rape led investigators to Nanooks Hockey player Nolan Christopher Youngmun, 23, a senior petroleum engineering student at UAF. He was arrested and charged with first and second degree sexual assault.

The victim alleged that on Easter morning she awoke to Youngman standing naked in her apartment. The victim then reported that he said, “let’s do this,” and proceeded to rape her. She claims to have told Youngman repeatedly to, “get off and stop.”

The victim reports that when she later left her apartment Youngman was sitting naked in the living room. He made a motion with his lips telling her to “sssh,” which she took as a threat to keep quiet. Police identified Youngman and placed him under arrest.

According to charging documents he initially claimed they did not have sex, but later recanted stating, “OK, well, if we did, I didn’t force you to do anything.” He claimed the sex was consensual but admitted to not remembering much of the night. Alcohol was a factor.

Investigator Kyle Carrington noticed inconsistencies with Youngmun’s statements regarding a recorded communication with the victim. According to charging documents, the victim and Youngmun were acquaintances that only knew each other through similar social circles. Youngman had arrived at the apartment earlier with a friend to talk to another female. At some point the trio split up and Youngman arrived at the victim’s room.

Youngman is currently being held with no bail at the Fairbanks Correctional Center. Officers applaud the victim for coming forward and ensure, “cases like this are taken very seriously and handled with the utmost diligence,” Keith Mallard, UAF Police Chief, said.

If you are a victim of sexual assault or assault contact UAF Police Department.

To give information related to this incident, or any other incident, contact the University of Alaska Fairbanks Police Department at 907-474-7721. Alternatively, members of the university community can also report their information through Fairbanks Crimestoppers at 907-456-CLUE, or through the UAF Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity at 907-474-7300 or 474-6600.

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  1. Tom Hewitt says:

    Good reporting. Just wanted to let you know Youngmun’s last name is spelled -m-u-n, not -m-a-n as you have it multiple times in the story. Feel free to delete this comment after fixing.

  2. heather says:

    thank you for letting me know. We will fix it.

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