Rash of Obscene Phone Calls Reported

By Andrew Sheeler

Sun Star Reporter

The numbers vary depending on who is asked, but Residence Life and the UAF Police Department are in agreement on one thing: there has been an unusually large number of obscene phone call reports lately.

“I’ve never known a rash [of calls] like this happen,” said Kevin Huddy, Associate Vice Chancellor and Director of Residence Life. Huddy said that there have been six documented obscene phone calls that he is aware of.  UAF Police Chief Sean McGee offered a different number.  According to McGee, there have been four reports of such calls since the beginning of the semester.  A further complication is that the UAF police department’s website lists only two of these obscene calls.

Obscenity can mean many things.  In this particular case, the obscenity is of an extremely lewd nature.  A woman in Stevens hall reported that a caller had offered her $10,000 in exchange for sexual favors.  Chief McGee takes those calls seriously, saying phone calls like that might make people question their safety on-campus.  This is especially true in light of four different alleged sexual assaults being reported at UAF this year so far, two in the Lathrop dorm and two in the Cutler Apartment Complex.

Huddy said that he suspects a single person to be the origin of at least some of the calls and possibly all of them. Part of this stems from the caller appearing to be singling out resident assistants for harassment.  Huddy has no idea what motive the caller might have.

“Who the heck knows?” Huddy said.

Chief McGee also has suspicions, and is currently working with both the campus and area telephone service providers to attempt to trace the source of the calls.

In the meantime, McGee urges victims of obscene phone calls to take them seriously and report them to the police.

“Please do let us know,” McGee said. People should include the date and time of the call, the phone number if available and what the content of the call was.

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