Reader submitted poem: For Nicholas Hughes

Ivan Smason/Special to the Sun Star
February 26, 2013

I am, I am, I am
A poem – a product of poets
A beekeeper’s daughter’s son

The times are tidy
The water’s tides neat esplanades
Four salmon, three grayling, two trout

Flute notes from a reedy pond
Feeding patterns from the Chena River
Thaumaturgic precipices and cascades

Suicide off Egg Rock
Suicide by gas
Suicide by hanging

The disquieting muses
Obdurate ghosts left ice cold
Like wet jewels on a high chair

This poem was submitted from a Sun Star reader about former faculty member Nicolas Hughes who passed away almost four years ago.  The italicized lines of each stanza are from Hughes’ mother and the final line is inspired by a line of poetry written by his father.

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