Recent Snedden lecturer dies

By Heather Bryant & Andrew Sheeler
Sun Star Reporters

Ceaser Williams, 61, died on Tuesday Dec. 21, 2010.

Ceaser Williams, 61, died on Tuesday Dec. 21, 2010. He was a lifelong journalist and teacher. Williams traveled extensively around the world, frequently through Europe and Africa. Most recently, his journey brought him to UAF in Sept. of last year. The Pulitzer Prize winner gave a lecture on journalism at the Morris Thompson Visitor’s and Activity Center on Sept. 29.

His lecture “Iron Williams: Life and Times of a Dinosaur Journalist” covered his journey from a cub-reporter during the civil rights movement to a veteran reporter and copy-editor at publications such as the Buffalo Evening News, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Newsday, The Atlanta Journal/Constitution and the Kansas City Star.

“My lecture was in the format of a news story,” Williams said in the Oct. 5 issue of the Sun Star. “I wanted to reach everyone, whether they’re student, journalist or teacher, from the perspective of a journalist.”

Following his journalism career, Williams taught journalism classes at both the high school and college levels. His obituary in the Kansas City Star stated that Williams said his goal in life was to “preserve the beauty of the English language, one young mind at a time.”

Williams was the 16th Snedden lecturer to visit UAF. He said during his visit to UAF, he wanted to become the Snedden Chair so that he could revisit UAF and share more of his knowledge.

“He embraced the idea of coming up to Alaska as being a great, huge adventure,” said Brian O’Donoghue, Chair of the UAF Journalism Department. “His death really jolted us all.”

Ceaser Williams Lecture

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