“Reformat”-ing UAF

By Elika Roohi
Sun Star Reporter

As a part of the Pop Con activities, the documentary “Reformat the Planet” was shown in the Wood Center Ballroom on Saturday, Nov. 13.

Joshua Davis, aka Bitshifter, explains the basics of "Chip music" a sub genre of new music. Davis was a guest lecturer and DJ for POP-CON which was held at the Wood Center over a three day period. Nina Schwinghammer / UAF Sun Star

“Reformat the Planet” is about the growth of the chip music genre.  Chip music is created to sound like the digital tones often heard on older video games.  A lot of chip music is made using classic GameBoys.  It’s a relatively underground movement.

“Everyone that’s doing chip music is doing it for the love of it,” said Josh Davis, AKA DJ Bit Shifter, who appeared in the documentary.

“People seem to be very into the fact that it’s a grass roots underground thing,” said Paul Owen, director of “Reformat the Planet.”

How did Owen discover the chip music genre?  “I just checked out a show, and decided it was important,” he said.  There didn’t seem to be anybody making a documentary about the chip music scene, so Owen took it upon himself to make one.

While chip music is a relatively obscure genre, it seems to be fairly widespread.  “In most countries there’s at least one major city where there is a chip music scene,” said Davis.

Davis brought chip music to Fairbanks on Saturday night when he performed at the Pub.

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