“Salt of the Sea” screens for students

David Spindler/Sun Star Reporter
Oct. 15, 2013

The screening of the movie “The Salt of the Sea” was produced and directed by filmmaker Tom Garber. “Salt of the Sea” is a story about what it takes to be a fisherman out in the open seas of New England and how governmental policies, economics and courage pushed fishermen to their limits and beyond. The film was shown in the auditorium of the Murie Science Building on Friday, Oct. 11.

Garber was in Fairbanks last week for an annual meeting of the American Fisheries Society Alaska Chapter.

Approximately ten people showed up including Garber himself who stayed after the movie for questions from the audience.

Originally from New York, Garber started film making as a teenager and has loved it ever since. He pursued his career at the California Institute of the Arts and graduated in 1980. The first ten years of commercial and corporate video work in Manhattan earned Garber the skills he needed to produce more substantial content. Garber started his own film production called “Third Wave Films,” in 1999 as a platform to create documentary films exploring themes that elevate and inspire the human spirit. Most of his past films explore maritime subjects involving the sea.

“This film has already been shown in three film festivals and I try to show people what commercial fishing is like currently in New England,” Garber said.

Garber is very passionate about his work and compelling visual and dramatic video to capture what he’

s trying to prove to the audience, there is no question about it.  “Salt of the Sea” was made in 2012 and was in production for almost a year.

“I was working on and off for six months with this film in mind and was always excited to go out in the open sea,”

Garber said.

The film lasted for about an hour and before it ended, went down a quick list of all those vessels and boats that have either sunk, passengers that passed away, or boats that were never found again with a video shot of the ocean waves coming up onto the beach as the background.

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