School of Education restructure on hold

At their meeting last week the Board of Regents pushed back consideration of a plan to centralize the school of education proposed by UA President Johnsen earlier this month.

Johnsen’s plan included placing the school’s administration at UAF while still maintaining faculty and programs at UAA and UAS. UAF was proposed as the central location for the program based on its focus on research and technology, according to Johnsen.

After deliberation, the regents decided to hold off on making any immediate decisions regarding the reorganization of the school of education, expressing they were hesitant to choose a central location just yet.

“I think having UAF be the center of the school of education would help UAF,” Alisha Drumm, an English student said. “But with that we should think of the effects. Would we need more general classes offered? Would we hire new professors to cover those or would we expect current professors to have to take on more courses? I definitely think the education program should always be offered at all main UA campuses.”

Regents from Juneau expressed their chagrin with the proposal to centralize the program at UAF, stating they felt the best education program currently sat with UAS.

“I can’t understand why we’re taking it from the best and giving it to the worst,” Regent Dale Anderson said. “It just does not make sense to me.”

The issue will be up for discussion again at the next meeting of the regents in March.

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