Ingenious improv: students laugh at SDA event

Sam Allen/Sun Star Reporter
October 16, 2012

Lil’ Wayne, Thor and Typhoid Mary are vying for the affections of one lucky bachelor. Carrot Top, Whitney Huston and Popeye are answering questions about things they found in the garbage. People were rolling on the floor laughing at the student drama association’s evening of improv. Host Melissa Buchta, a theater student, and approximately 20 students crammed into a smallroom in Gruening on Wednesday evening for over two hours.

Stephanie Sandberg and Tiana Hanson act out their newfound romance at the SDA Evening of Improv on Oct. 9. Lauren Fisher / Sun Star Reporter

The SDA event introduced improv to beginners and veterans alike with games such as celebrity jeopardy, the dating game and freeze. Freeze is a game in which a person can yell out “freeze” during a scene, tap one of the actors on the shoulder, replace them and completely change the direction of the action. MJ Rosenberry, a petroleum engineering student, asked his friend Zac Rohan to attend the event with him. Rohan did an impressive imitation of Lil’ Wayne. “They were like very fun, creative games we used to play when we were kids,” Rohan said.

Ground Squirrel Improv, UAF’s improvizational troupe is currently on hiatus according to veteran performer Sam McKeirnan. McKeirnan said improv was a “gateway drug to theatre.” Buchta said the event was about “making each other laugh and goofing around.”

The environment was really encouraging and even the zaniest of ideas were supported and cheered with delight. People were accepting of each other and would run with each others ideas without any hestitation or judgement.

“This is a good stress reliever,” McKeirnan said. “Everyone can do it, you can drag someone in off the street and have people laughing.”


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