Senate candidate fact sheet

Compiled by Jeremia Schrock
Sun Star Reporter

This November, Alaskans will get a say in who they will send to Washington D.C. and Juneau. This year’s senate race is an unprecedented three-way race that will have a national impact. We have compiled the three senate candidate’s opinions on various issues affecting Alaskans.

Scott McAdams - Democrat

Scott McAdams – Democrat

Civil Rights: Pro-Choice; pro-gay rights; supports the 2nd Amendment; supports prayer in public schools.

Health Care: Expand Denali KidCare; lower the cost of prescription drugs; promote more physical education.

Energy: Supports drilling in ANWR and the creation of a natural gas pipeline.

Education: Supports the continued development of culturally relevant programs; favors limiting the No Child Left Behind Act; ensure that all students are strong readers by the end of the third grade.

Foreign Affairs: Pursue terrorists involved in 9/11; believes Alaska is vital to national defense; revise the GI Bill to meet the needs of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans; properly equip US soldiers.

Joe Miller - Republican

Joe Miller – Republican

Civil Rights: Pro-Life; believes hate crimes violate the constitution; supports the 2nd Amendment.

Health Care: Phase out social security; supports repealing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.

Energy: Global warming’s existence is inconclusive; favors hydroelectric and nuclear projects; explore energy reserves.

Education: Favors eliminating the Department of Education; believes the federal funding of education is unconstitutional.

Foreign Affairs: Increase only missile defense and intelligence spending; focus on stopping terrorism and not on spreading democracy.

Lisa Murkowski - Write-In

Lisa Murkowski – Write-In

Civil Rights: Pro-Life; ban same-sex marriage; supports the 2nd Amendment.

Health Care: Voted to expand Children’s Health Insurance Program; voted yes on regulating tobacco as a drug.

Energy: Supports drilling in ANWR; voted NO on supporting the Cash for Clunkers; voted NO on tax incentives for energy conservation

Education: Keep “God” in the Pledge of Allegiance; voted NO on $5B grants to local education agencies; make No Child Left Behind Work.

Foreign Affairs: Voted YES to reauthorize the PATRIOT Act; sanction Iran to end it’s nuclear program; believes US should have stayed in Iraq.

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