Senators vote down bill requiring them to answer questions


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Senators not required to answer questions

ASUAF voted down a bill that would have required senators to answer questions regarding the reason behind their voting decisions. Senator Samuel Mitchell liked the idea of allowing students a form to submit questions with but was concerned that the bill required the senators to give the information when asked.

“You should not be forced to answer a question about a vote, but I like the form as a feedback form,” said Mitchell. “I don’t mind the form, but it should be voluntary.”

Senator Sierra Von Hafften also voiced her concern at the potential for the policy to be used to unfairly harass senators.

“What if someone didn’t like a senator or a certain set of senators and they constantly sent them questions back to back to back?” Von Hafften said. “There doesn’t seem to be much restriction to the questions that can be asked on this bill.”

Senator Raymundo Lopez, one of the bills sponsors, defended the idea as a way to give students better access to important information regarding the decisions of the senate.

“The spirit of the bill I believe is not to target senators,” Lopez said. “It’s a bill to give the students an opportunity to be aware of how the senate thinks… As a student I think its a good bill because it offers us a chance to see why.”

Establishment of ASUAF Service Awards

The senate passed a bill that will allow senators to be awarded monetary service awards once during the spring and fall semesters. The bill will go into effect during the 2019 fiscal year and will award senators varying amounts of money that will not exceed $125 per award.

Travel Funding for The Sun Star
The senate passed a bill to award the Sun Star a $1,000 reimbursement to partially fund housing cost of the staff’s 2017 Press Club trip. Sun Star Editor in Chief Spencer Tordoff attended the meeting to advocate for the bill and discuss the staff’s purpose for attending Press Club.

Thank You to Anvil Williamson

The senate officially extended a “most sincere thank you” to Anvil Williamson for her service as the ASUAF Office Manager.

“This is but a small token that we can give back to you,” Reid said to Williamson during discussion of the bill, “because you’ve given us so much.”

Senator of the Year and Best Quote of the Year Awards

Senator Samuel Mitchell was voted Senator of the Year by his fellow Senators. The senate also voted on which quote said during the 2016-2017 senate session was their favorite.

In the running were quotes such as: “We can do anything we want,” said by Melissa Clarke and “You break the rules (of procedure) all the time, what’s one more time?” also said by Clarke.

The winning quote was a short conversation between Reid and Williamson.

“Can we just suspend the bylaws?” Reid said.

“No,” Williamson responded.

Appointment of Summer Session Senators

Benjamin Boswell, Donald Doughtery, Georgia Durden and Samuel Mitchell were appointed as senators for the ASUAF summer session.

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