Sixty years of service


Illustration by JR Ancheta. Names of UAF veterans listed at bottom of the article.


James C Gilchrest  Student: Emergency Management Homeland Security Major Current Active Duty US Army National Guard

James C Gilchrest
Emergency Management and
Homeland Security Student
Current Active Duty
US Army National Guard

Derick Tyler Sizemore
Computer Science Student
Active Duty US Army

Joseph Morris
Fisheries Major Student
2003 – 2007
US Marine Corps

Desiree M. Brines
Wildlife Biology Student
2002 – 2009
US Army

Janis Cavinder
Biological Sciences Student
Major 2002-2013
US Air Force

MaCherie Dunbar
Communications Student
US Air Force Reserves

Carl Westlind
2001 -2009
US Army

Darrell Jarmon
UAF Army ROTC Recruiter
US Army, Infantry

Master Sgt. Anthony Walls
1993 – present
US Army, Infantry

Geoffry McCormick

Ken Russell
1988 – 2003
US Air Force

Paul V Perreault
Civil Engineering Graduate Student
1969 – 1973
US Army

DJ Tyson
Psychology Student
Major 2006 – 2010
US Army

Katherine Scott
1993 -2014
US Air Force

Nicholas Todd
Emergency Management Student
US Air Force

Henry A. Bolaños
Business Administration Student
2007 – 2013

Gregory Van Houten
Emergency Management Student

Jeffrey H Bushke
Journalism Student
1968-1971, 1985-2005

Wendy Whitehead Martelle
Term Assistant Professor in the Linguistics Program
US Navy

James Hannis
Homeland Security and Emergency Management Student
8.8 years active duty


Troy Poulsen


Georg Rydlinski
UAF Adjunct Music Instructor
US Army


Jeff Baxter
Office Manager in the Biology and Wildlife Department
1978-1995 (retired)
US Air Force


Stanley G. Edwin
MS Graudate Student, Atmospheric Science, CNSM-AUF
US Army


Walter E. Crary
Alumnus: 1999 BA Economics
BBA Business Administration
Current Staff: Vietnam Veterans of America
Service Office UAF
US Army


Paul Roger
Procurement Technician at the Institute of Arctic Biology
US Air Force


Travis Olsen
Ciliv Engineering Student
2008-2014; 2014-Present Us Army; AK Guard


LeGrand Brittton Eadie
Mathematics and Piloting Student
US Marine Corps


Jason Faulk


Lawrence Stauffer
US Army Engineer


Lt. Col. Ryan Gillogly
UAF Professor of Military Science
US Army, Military Police Corps


David Dwyer
Natural Resource Management and Homeland Security Student
US Army Active, 3.5 years


Peter A. DeCaro, PH.D.
Chair, Department of Communication
Coordinator Global Studies Minor
US Army


Brady Gross
Journalism Student
US Navy


Capt. Troy Robinson
UAF Assistant Professor of Military Science
US Army, Infantry

Jeffrey Robert DeHaven II Biology student 2007 – 2014 US Army

Jeffrey Robert DeHaven II
Biology student
2007 – 2014
US Army



JR Ancheta, UAF Photojournalism student – A couple of weeks ago I wanted to do something for this year’s Veterans Day that would recognize active-duty military and veterans on campus. Instantly I thought of making portraits of University of Alaska Fairbanks students, alumni, staff, and faculty who are veterans or active-duty service men and women. Early on I defined the term, veteran, pretty loosely: anyone who served or is currently serving in the five armed service branches of this country.

 A total of 36 veterans of different ages and backgrounds were photographed in this project. Each portrait is different, however, the one thing they have in common is their service for our country. These 36 men and women with their years in service spanning over 60 years represent the other veterans on campus I didn’t photograph. It is important to recognize them because of their service and sacrifice.




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