Spoiler Alert: Review of the Oscars

John Seiler/Sun Star Columnist
March 5, 2013

There were several factors that went into missing last years Academy Award show including having not seen a single film nominated for best picture and Billy Crystal being the host, last year’s Oscars were not for me.

This year though, I was pretty pumped. I saw most of the nominated films, I was excited to see what they did for 50 years of James Bond and despite not being a huge fan of Seth MacFarlane, I was still interested to see what he could bring to the table.

Here are some of the thoughts I had on the Oscars:

Seth MacFarlane as a host:

After last year’s safe choice of Billy Crystal, it was great to see someone like MacFarlane who is willing to push the limits of what can be on that show. He told some very funny jokes and his song “I saw your boobs” was pretty entertaining.  It was typical MacFarlane. For every joke that works, he has a ton of stuff that doesn’t. William Shatner was right in saying that we wish it was Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting, but I guess we could have done a lot worse.


Brave winning best animated film:

This was the only award that I thought went to a completely undeserving film. Brave had some good moments, but the film never lived up it’s potential. It seemed like Brave won because it was a Pixar film and Pixar hasn’t won that category since Toy Story 3. It also seemed like they picked Brave because Paranorman and Wreck-It Ralph were genre films and the academy hates genre films.  At least Paperman won for best animated short film.

50 Years of James Bond and caliber of the music:

It seemed like since it was the 50th anniversary of James Bond and music is such a huge part of  Bond history,  they would put all the stops out. Well apparently not. Not a single Bond actor took the stage. They couldn’t even get Timothy Dalton. I’ll tell you who they did get: Halle Berry, the  worst bond girl ever who was also part of the worst  Bond film ever. The caliber of Bond music was also half-assed. They only played three songs, but was salvaged when Shirley Bassey sung Goldfinger. Well, I can’t wait until 25 years from now when the Oscars do the same thing, but for Fast and Furious.


Presenter banter was the worst, the absolute worst. Every joke told felt stiff and forced. The worst joke of the night was when Mark Walberg and Ted from Ted came on stage.

Caliber of Movie Music:

The big theme of oscars was music in films and they showed live performances from Chicago, Dreamgirls and Les Miserables.  It seemed odd that with the history musical’s have with the Oscars, nothing over 10 years old was highlighted. Catherine Zeta-Jones sang All That Jazz, the Dreamgirl that wasn’t Beyonce came out and sang a song from Dreamgirls and the cast of Les Miserables sang One More Day. Even the awful Russell Crowe sang with everybody. Not bad, but I don’t understand why more musicals weren’t highlighted.


Adele’s Performance of Skyfall:

Next to Shirley Bassey, this was the best performance of the night. The set was really well lit and it was just a cool looking performance. It was also great to see her win best original song for Skyfall.

The Jaws theme being Cutoff song for speeches:

This was insane. Inocente, a story about a young homeless girl becoming a famous artist, won best short story. While accepting their award and talking about a sick friend , the Jaws theme started to play. This was the walk-off song chosen to get people off the stage. It was funny, but also a little awkward.

Onion Tweet about Quvenzhane Wallis:


This was the biggest story that seemed to come from the awards show. The Onion tweeted this  during the show and later deleted this tweet. I understand why people thought it was offensive. However, the Onion being a satire site, I thought the joke was funny because it was satirizing the cattiness that you usually see on awards. Red Carpet Journalists are always talking down and making fun of people for wearing certain clothing and I saw The Onion trying to make a joke based off that.

And  finally Jennifer Lawrence:

This was her night. She won Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook.


She met Jack Nickelson.


And took jokes in strides.


She is defiantly one cool lady.


Overall, the great moments were great, and the bad moments were putrid. Still, I can’t say I wasn’t enjoying myself watching the show. There’s something about the Academy Awards that still feels important and prestigious that you don’t seem to get from the other big awards and I hope next years continues that feeling.

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