Spring preview

By Andrew Sheeler

What? You thought we were finished? That the Sun Star had closed up shop and gone away? You, sir or madam, are sadly mistaken. We’re just getting warmed up.

First, take a moment and head to a computer. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Once you get there, open up Firefox and go to www.uafsunstar.com. Notice our brand new website? This semester we’re planning to fill it up with content, including online-only articles, web-exclusive photos, an audio archive of the weekly ASUAF senate meetings, audio slideshows, video podcasts, and more. That’s in addition to the weekly updates of our print edition. For news on the go, our website looks fabulous on your smart phone or tablet. While you’re at it, “Like” us on Facebook for breaking news and story updates.

Now let’s talk about the paper. We have big plans for this semester. We’re going to do five big theme issues tackling subjects near to all of our hearts: sex, the internet, humor, money and graduation.

The Feb. 8 issue of the Sun Star will take on sex, love and college life and will feature a special romantic advice column. Got a question for our very own Dr. Love? Email it to editor@uafsunstar.com.

We are increasingly living in a digital world. Facebook and Google have become verbs as well as nouns, and require no introduction as to what they are. What you say or do online can affect you for the rest of your life. In the March 3 issue of the Sun Star, we will focus on the digital realm, with stories that seek to answer some of the questions you have.

We’ll take a break from dealing with the weighty issues of the world in the March 29 issue of the Sun Star, better known as the incredibly popular Fun Star. The laughs will be plenty and none shall be spared from the equal parts scorching satire and slapstick comedy that the Fun Star is known for.

Every student works toward the same goal: graduation. The final Sun Star of the school year, coming out on May 3, will be packed full of content for graduating senior and incoming freshman alike. We’ll send you into the summer in style with our blowout graduation issue.

By now, hopefully you’ve gone through this issue of the Sun Star and noticed a few things are different. We’ve expanded our coverage of national news, the arts, and science. We’ve introduced the Nookraker, a political column by Jeremia Schrock. The Nookraker will provide reporting and commentary on all levels of government, from the university all the way to the state and federal level. We’ll be covering the ASUAF senate better than ever before, with a concise recap of their weekly meetings.

Lest you think it’s out with the old, all your favorites will still be here, including our weekly Sudoku and XKCD, our columns, and the police blotter.

Now that you know what we’ve got in store, mark the next 14 Tuesdays on your calendar and get ready for one exciting ride.

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