Student run company ‘Snow Brew’ launches

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Josiah Welchell, Aditaya Akheramka and Aaron Cottle (from left to right) are employees of the Snow Brew, a student led company that takes used glass bottles and recycles them for their cold brew coffee. They debuted the company at the Business Leader of the Year dinner on April 15 where they gave free samples and handed out order forms. Josh Hartman/ Sun Star Photo credit: Josh Hartman


On the night of its debut on April 15, Snow Brew sold three hundred bottles of coffee, according to Huckleberry Hopper. Since then Snow Brew has had a back order of 1,000 bottles.

“We’re expecting that to go up as we partner with the Westmark and other various shops,” said Hopper who is a business student and the CEO of Snow Brew.

What is Snow Brew?

Snow Brew makes and delivers cold brew coffee in three flavors: original, latte and white chocolate mocha. They bottle the coffee in recycled 12 ounce bottles which they get from around Fairbanks. Currently, the Office of Sustainability serves as a drop off point for bottles.

“Too many bottles in the trash, not enough high quality cold brew coffee,” reads the Snowbrew Facebook page. “We fix both problems by brewing the best cold brew coffee in Alaska and bottling in recycled glass bottles.”

While the coffee is made by Diving Duck and the labels are made by Interior Graphics, the students working for Snow Brew handle all the bottling, labeling and deliveries themselves.

The origin

Snow Brew is just a part of a larger company, Jayeah incorporated. The company was founded in hopes of fostering more small, student-led businesses in the future.

“What we’re learning to do with Snow Brew we hope to expand into a larger model with Jayeah will be able to provide administrative service, legal service and accounting services to other companies that are trying to do the same thing we’re doing,” Hopper said.

The School of Management has been an important part of the business’s launch from providing it with knowledge from professors, providing access to students and allowing Snow Brew to debut at the Business Leader of the Year dinner.

“[UAF’s schools and colleges] have some of the best students in the state,” Hopper said. “That was another thing, we have the best people, so we can bring them together and make things happen.”

Before they debuted the company, they did a market test of Snow Brew by taking one hundred bottles of coffee and passing them out around campus to see if there was an interest in the product. Snow Brew started out as just a recycling solution for Fairbanks.

“One thing I’m excited to learn about is what Fairbanks actually drinks,” Hopper said, “because you can tell by what bottles they have.”

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