Students and staff sprint in annual Snowshoe Scramble

David Spindler/Sun Star Reporter
February 26, 2013

Excited faces, snowshoes and the urge to scramble for prizes were all it took to participate in the Snowshoe Scramble on Saturday, Feb. 23 at 10 a.m. The event took place at Troth Yeddha’ Park, a field dedicated to Alaska Natives, located between the University of Alaska Fairbanks Museum and Reichardt Building.

Sarah McConnell and Peter Pinney were the two race directors in charge of the event. The snowshoe race had no registration fee, participants just had to be 18 or older. Before the race began, Pinney himself marked the race course, which started behind Reichardt, went around the park, then alongside Yukon Drive in the deep snow and back up the driveway towards Reichardt. The finish line ended right in front of Pinney’s car.

“It’s just a loop. You put on your snowshoes, do a lap around the park and then come back,” Pinney said.

The snowshoe racers that wanted to participate in the scramble could do so. The objective was race out into a patch of deep snow and begin scrambling for any prizes buried underneath like Gift cards, t-shirts, crafts or anything small that could be stored in Ziploc bags. After the race and snowshoe scramble, cold participants could grab a cup of hot chocolate and warm up inside Reichardt.

“We’re all about awareness,” Pinney said. “To get people involved in the park is to get fun events to happen like the snowshoe scramble and learn to be more aware of the park that is designated for Alaskan Natives.”

Participants like Mary Pickett, a woman from Taos, N.M., looked forward to scrambling for prizes. “It was really fun,” Pickett said. “I won a lot of prizes.”

Supporters of the Troth Yeddha Park are looking toward bringing more awareness to the park by printing out more flyers, more pictures, and hopefully by 2017, a new building in the park dedicated to the Alaskan Native culture. No name of the building has been made official yet.


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  1. Thanks, David, for the article and the great picture. We will work on erecting a sign at the site summer of 2013! af

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