Students brawl for prizes

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Ianjon Brower, Samuel George and Malik Hughes play a round of "Soulcalibur" at Game Night, held Saturday in Wood Center. Amy Huff/ Sun Star Photo credit: Amy Huff

Virtual warriors clashed at the Wood Center Saturday at Game Night, a series of tournaments organized by the UAF e-Sports Gaming Club.

Competitions took place across several games including the fighting titles “Soulcalibur” and “Super Smash Bros.,” as well as the virtual card game “Hearthstone.” The Smash Bros. tournament alone drew over 50 registered participants.

“I think the hardest part [of organizing the event] was just trying to get the word out,” said Steven Mcgraw, e-Sports Club president.

Shaun Morgan clawed his way to the top of the “Smash Bros.” bracket, winning a copy of the latest game in the “Zelda” series in addition to other prizes. Malik Hughes took away first place in the “Soulcalibur” competition.

Both “Super Smash Bros.” and “Soulcalibur” are well known fighting games. In these titles, players select characters with unique attacks and abilities and battle to be the last competitor standing.

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