Students Host Food Drive For Students

By Travis Olsen

Sun Star


The UAF Wood Center Student Pantry held their one year anniversary food drive November 21st with balloons, juice, and free cake for those that attended. The event was hosted outside the Associated Student Government office between 4:30pm and 6pm, bringing in over 150 pounds of food within the first hour. The first large donation of the day came from the Associated Students of Business, with a total amount weighing in at over 100 lbs. Shortly after, members from the UAF Statewide Institutional Research and Budget department came with three large baskets, with items ranging from granola bars to pasta.


Student Pantry Coordinator Haley Hanson cuts the cake to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Wood Center Food Pantry. – Travis Olsen / Sun Star

The  Wood Center Food Pantry provides free supplemental food assistance to all UAF students to help many students who struggle to make ends meet. It was started last November, and is run by the Student Pantry Coordinator, Haley Hanson. Collection boxes have been set up all around campus to make it easier for those that wish to donate, with locations at the Wood Center, Signer’s Hall, Gruening, Butrovich, Reichardt Building, the Women’s Center, MBS, and at the Rural Student Services office.

Over 120 students use the pantry per year according to the Wood Center Food Pantry’s 2014 Annual report. UAF Student Maria Madden commented that “my friends used the food pantry in the summer, it helped a lot when they didn’t have a meal plan.”

When asked about their yearly total amounts, Cody Rogers, the associate director of student activities said “we probably pick up between 150-200 pounds a month” but still lack donations of some of the basic items, like fruits and vegetables, soups, and crackers.

More organizations are getting involved as well with food drives for the UAF Pantry. “The Student Advisory Council for Student Support Services is planning a food drive in the spring semester for the pantry” said Victoria Smith, an academic adviser for the Student Support Services.

For more information on how to help with the Wood Center Food Pantry, you can contact them at

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